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Naomi | Lollirot

Aug 7.

Rushed to E.R. during a bad flare up. I was in such pain I was balled up shaking, and almost hyperventilating I could barely breath. Obviously I was taken in right away to a bed after vitals were taken. . . I laid in the bed squirming and crying for nearly an hour before a nurse came in to see me. Thank god it was Beau, he knows me and my situation. He went to get the things they would need for me . . . When the Doctor came in a good while later? All he did was shout an order and leave. No questions, no speaking to me . . . I was so frustrated to tears, Beau went and asked him to go back in and speak to me.

The Doctor refused to treat me the way I always am treated to be stabilized. Usually, they start a line [I.V.], dose me with a high amount of Benadryl and a few MG of Diladid for pain, as well as a high dose of my steroid to kick start healing. He pretty much gave me some allergy meds and then mass dosed me with a med that turned me into a drunken sleeping mess. I couldn't sit up, speak, etc for hours from it. My mum got there and thru a fit - as a Nurse she knew what the did was shut me up.

We were discharged with a prescription for 3 fuckin steroid pills, and a few Dliadid which . . . He gave the paper for but never signed so could not be filled.

Aug 8 .

I attempted to rest then go to work. At work though, by 7:40 I had run into the back to vomit. They called me off schedule and my mum ran over to get me. Back to the Hospital I go . . .

Lobby was a short wait, a bed a short wait since they were full. But then I laid in the bed over 2 hours without even a Nurse coming in for my vitals again. . . By the time someone did, I knew I was in for something I didn't like. This "nurse practitioner" came in to lecture me. I mean, really go at me. That I should be seeing a specialist at all times, I should have my own doctor, blah blah . . . As if I had the money for that, I wouldn't? If I had medical aid, wouldn't I take better care of me? Fuck . . .

She began to belittle me and humiliate me in front of my mother who was jaw dropped. She even questioned where I got money for my lil eCig or to drink. And when she left the room, my mother followed behind to speak to her only to find she went and was judging me towards other nurses. . . They got in a verbal fight, my mum cried. and this bitch called security on my mother - though nothing happened. but MY Doctor, the kind heart she is, saw some of the fight. So she came right into my room to see wht was up.

I cried. I felt like for two nights no one believed my pain, and no one would help me. I felt like they might think I was there fishing for pain killers - but if so why would I bring my dad one night and mum another? They would sit there and help me be a druggie? Come on.

My Doctor finally ordered the right rituals for me. But then the next issue . . .

It took 5 nurses in my room to try and find a vein to start a line. The first woman to try went into my wrist, which I know stings I have had before but . . . This? I can't explain the pain. I was screaming for her to stop and crying out and biting into my blanket. I NEVER make sounds over needles ever. She stormed out like I was doing it on purpose. . . The second guy just blinded it in, see-sawed the needle around til FINALLY they listened to me and got the guy I know who got the top of my hand in seconds. [I have thick tough skin from my condition which because it is dry, loses vein color so I am a super rare hard stick. It takes a pro.]

Once they dosed me right I was out cold from comfort and the past days of insomnia. I slept a lot, and was given three doses of pain killers over the hours there to keep me comfortable while the steroids worked and labs went out, as I had some lower body pain. Ultra sounds were fine. Labs fine for the most part. It was just a random skin flare up in the end.

I have steroids again til I see my specialists much further away from here and go into more medical debt . . .

And some Pain Killers for my showers.

Lets hope I stay stable a while.

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